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NCASC and NRCS sign an annual contract for safe blood services all over Nepal


NCASC and NRCS sign an annual contract for safe blood services all over Nepal

National Centre for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC) and Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) have made an agreement of NRs 6,134,942 to continue the safe blood transfusion services for 3rd successive year (16 July 2013 to 15 July 2014) all over Nepal with the Global Fund SSF Grant Support. 

Dr. Naresh Pratap K.C., Director NCASC and Mr. Dev Ratna Dhakhwa, Secretary General NRCS signed the contract representing NCASC and NRCS respectively.

As one of the modes of HIV transmission is through blood, this agreement aims at supporting NRCS/BTS in ensuring adequate, safe and timely supply of blood and blood products to meet the blood transfusion requirements of the people of Nepal in an equitable and affordable manner and then directly contributing in prevention of HIV transmission through blood transfusion.

“I hope this funding support to NRCS will really be instrumental to reduce the HIV transmission through blood and blood products as it goes to directly strengthen the safe blood transfusion services in Nepal” said Dr. K. C. Director, NCASC after signing the agreement, Mr. Dev Ratna Dakhwa echoed Dr. K.C.

Under the agreement, with the financial support received from NCASC, NRCS Central Blood Transfusion Services (CBTS) will carry out the following key activities;

Promotion of volunteers to donate blood.

To raise awareness motivate activities for safe blood donation.

Orientation on clinical use of blood to protect patients from transfusion related complications.

Blood donation motivation TOT to promote volunteer blood donors in community level.

Training staff to perform phlebotomy.

Basic TTIs counseling training to the staff of blood center to provide counseling service for blood donors.

Blood donation motivation program to promote young and regular blood donor to fulfill the demand of blood and blood component.

Safe blood donation camps to encourage to donate blood in the community.

Production & distribution of IEC materials to promote safe blood donation