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Virtual orientation on the use of Dolutegravir (DTG) based regimen

Virtual orientation on the use of Dolutegravir provided to the health care provider's working at ART centers in all seven provinces. The orientation was conducted between May 6, 2020 and May 15, 2020. The virtual orientation included all the health care workers at SDPs (ART counselors and medical officers) and other stakeholders like Sr. PM , Sr PC, PC of SCI at province and AHF-Nepal Supported staff at ART center. More than 100 participants benefitted from the orientation.

The main objective of the orientation was to provide new recommendation from National HIV Testing and Treatment Guideline, 2020; evidence why new regimen is required and guidance on how to change the EFV and NVP based regimen to DTG based regimen and brief orientation was also done by Strategic Information unit on major changes in DHIS2 HIV tracker and current reporting status from Province.

During orientation Director of NCASC, Dr. Ramesh K. Kharel participated fully in all seven days and motivated health care providers and acknowledged them for their efforts. This was one of the successful efforts in managing the transition to the use of DTG based regimen in Nepal despite the movement restriction to contain COVID-19. During this short period, NCASC also managed to supply a new regimen in all ART sites of Nepal.