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Regional Data Review and Verification Workshop for Far Western Development Region, Dadeldhura

National Center for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC) under the Global Fund support carried out Regional Data Review and Verification Workshop for HIV Program of Far Western Development Region on Sep 20-22, 2015 in Dadeldhura . The objectives of the review were to: 1) Discuss about the status HIV-related reporting to HMIS by the service sites in the district, 2) Verify component wise HIV data reported by the sites available in the districts/regions, 3) Discuss issues and challenges related to HIV-related recording and reporting by sites and 4) Identify improvement areas and support for strengthening site-specific reporting of HIV data. There were a total of 28 participants (including 5 Medical Recorders, 5 Statistical Officer/Assistants, 8 District HIV Focal Persons, 3 ART Counselors, 3 Health Workers and 4 participants from partner organization i.e, WHO, Save the Children, Nepal National Social Welfare Association (NNSWA) and Multi Purpose Development Society (MPDS). All District Public Health Offices (D(P)HO) except Kanchanpur, Dadeldhura Sub-regional Hospital, Seti Zonal Hospital, Mahakali Zonal Hospital, Doti District Hospital and Bayalpata Hospital have participated in the workshop.

The opening session was chaired by Mr. Shiv Datta Bhatta, Senior Public Health Administrator, DPHO, Dadeldhura and the Chief Guest was Mr. Parashuram Shrestha, Director, Far Western Regional Health Directorate, Dipayal. Mr. Manoj Ojha, HIV Focal Person, Far Western Regional Health Directorate welcomed participants of the workshop and Mr. Bir B. Rawal, SI Focal Person, NCASC  shared  objectives of the workshop. He also provided an overview of current status of national and regional progress on key HIV indicators for fiscal year 2071/72 and latest updates on the epidemic situation in 2014. Mr. Thalindra Pangeni, HEO, NCASC and Mr. Manoj Ojha, Regional HIV FP of Far Western Regional Health Directorate have jointly facilitated the technical sessions. Regional Health Director Mr. Shrestha have provided his remarkable feedbacks and comments during district-wise presentations.

Dr. Hemant Chandra Ojha, Medical Surveillance Officer from WHO have provided clarity on some technical and programmatic queries,.  Mr. Dinesh Bista, M&E Coordinator, NCASC and Mr. Upendra Shrestha, M&E Officer, NCASC have contributed in facilitating data related session during the  the workshop.

Regional Director Mr. Shrestha highlighted that the HIV is multispectral as well as development issues. He reiterated the proper use of correct data and information. He said "If we cannot collect correct and timely data, we cannot change it into information; if we cannot get right information and do not use it in planning, there is no meaning of data verification". He explained the crucial role of HIV Focal Person and Statistical Officer/Assistant in generating quality information at district level which guides the program decision and implementation. He added his emphasis to focus on TB/HIV collaborative activities. Mr. Bhatta, Sr. Public Health Administrator emphasized that all data are not entered into HMIS. He also mentioned that stigma and discrimination still exit towards PLHIV. Mr. Manoj Ojha, Regional HIV FP presented the summary of the regional progress and data variation on the last day of the workshop. He highlighted key data variations and tasks to be completed by the district.

Regional Director Mr. Shrestha, on the last day of the workshop, presented summary take home message to the workshop participants such as 1) Conversation and Regular Monthly data Verification of HIV Program between Statistical Officer and Program Focal Person; 2) Feedback to Reporting Institutions; 3) Joint District Supervision by Supporting NCASC /I/NGOs /Region; 4) Monitoring and supply of IEC/Logistic materials; 5) Capacity Building of HIV Focal Persons of Districts and Region and newly recruited HWs; 6) Software Update ( Management Division and NCASC ). 7) NGOs reporting should be through D(P)HO. 8) DACC Reactivation with the support from Save The Children/NCASC.

During the closing ceremony, Mr. Narendra Joshi, HIV Focal Person from Darchula highlighted the need of recording and reporting training to Health Workers and timely availability of HMIS Tools.  Similarly, Shankar Bhatta, Statistical Officer, Dadeldhura explained the learning of the workshop. He added that there was no practice of data sharing and revision/verification practice in the past but this kind of workshop provided an opportunity to discuss with Focal Persons and share the raw data. He committed that there will be improved in data quality and practice of data verification in coming days.

On behalf NCASC, Mr Bir Bahadur Rawal expressed that the SI Unit of NCASC is committed to strengthen the district data and information management system via various capacity building activities.  Likewise, Dr. Santosh Kumar Gupta, Acting Medical Superintendent, Dadeldhura Sub-regional Hospital, FWRHD Mr Parasuram Shrestha and Mr. Shiv Datta Bhatta, DPHO, Dadeldhura provided their closing remarks.